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  The shallow abstentions and water clarity help the novice diver to become familiar with the underwater environment, while the more experienced divers have the opportunity to dive shipwrecks, reefs and  capes with deep abstentions and underwater currents where they can observe, photograph or simply to enjoy the sea organisms and creatures of the underwater world.
The seabed in the coastal area of Naxos is rich in varieties of species (fish, crustaceans, mollusks, nudibranchs, echinoderms, polyps, anthozoa and others), dangerous aquatic except urchins, jellyfish are not frequent in the area.
   The coastal depths ranging from 1-2 to 45 meters and a maximum depth of 110 meters is located about 1 mile off the north of the island.
The temperature of the sea allows diving throughout the year using a wet uniform thickness of 5 mm. From the surface to 12 -18 meters typically we found  the first thermocline ranges from 14th degrees Celsius  in February and up to 25 degrees Celsius in August.
The north winds that usually prevailing does not affect while underwater, so it is not a problem on the lace circumnavigation of 48 nautical miles of the island that always offers alternative sheltered locations to dive.
   For those who are ready to enjoy the unique experience of the wreck, the sinking of the "Marianna" (merchant ship sunk in 1981) and the Beaufighter aircraft of the 2nd World War, are an excellent choice.
These are a few of the points that a diver can visit in Naxos.
The Naxos -Paros straits and the cluster of small Cyclades, it's an ideal territory for any kind of dive.

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